SiyahKare Digital Solutions

Our team has been formed since 1995 by working together in the information sector and having more than two hundred digital projects under the brand name SiyahKare (Black Square)

What is possible for the next generation?

Offering integrated digital services, SiyahKare continues to work with the slogan "to produce optimum solutions to meet the needs of customers".

Mission Statement

Development, planning and implementation of functional and correct strategies to meet the needs of our customers in the most favorable conditions in terms of quality and economical way in line with our customers' wishes, and this service is presented as a whole at the right time and at reasonable cost.


Quality Policy

Our main policy is to target customer satisfaction in the light of our vision, mission and institutional values and to produce and manage quality with continuous development and improvement principle.



Based on SiyahKare's strategy, we are committed to putting our customers on the first plan and creating long-term business partnerships with every business we make and every decision we make.

SiyahKare motivates and empowers its employees to create added value in order to provide the utmost benefit to our customers. Our basic principles are to always upgrade the line of our customers and to pre-adapt our customers against future changes and prepare them according to the targets and potentials in this direction.
SiyahKare has a business environment where we can work together enthusiastically and each of us can create new values. When necessary tools and support are provided, we adopt the approach of getting the best work, and we believe in the quality and success of our work. By taking advantage of new technology-focused business lines, we are working to transform the strong synergy we have developed with our customers into high-return e-business opportunities.
Through the fruitful collaboration between our large team working in complementary areas of expertise, focused on the outcome of the project, and teams and organizations within our company, we are committed to providing solutions that follow long-term strategies and providing our customers with an unconditional positive reference based on 100% customer satisfaction.
We are based on openness and honesty principle and direct communication in all our works and relations.We act directly with the highest business ethics and values, acting with the consciousness that the principles we will lead will earn us trust, respect and loyalty. We complete the solutions we prepared with this consciousness unconditionally within the predefined time, budget and terms and continue to provide follow-up and technical support to keep the presented solution up-to-date.

Want to work with us?

We are open to work with talented and enthusiastic digital heroes. Contact us about any further collaboration.