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"The Symbol of Silent Nothing".

In 1915 Petrograd (Russia) had a big picture on the headpiece of the exhibition
"The Last Futurist Painting Exhibition o, lo":
a black square on the white floor.
Kasimir Malevich, who made the painting, gave the name "Zero-Form".
This work does not show any object, it does not tell anything; objects, the emotions, associations, and all kinds of "spiritual vibrations" that they would awaken.

Malevich's word for this picture was

“The Symbol of Silent Nothing”

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Suprematism * - The Age of World Without Nuance"

Malevich saw "Zero-Form" as the symbol of salvation from the world of objects he called " manger ".
"I can fit squarely in the desperation of being able to save the world of art from the burden of the world of art." he said.
According to Malevich, "Zero-Form" was not only a symbol of salvation for mankind, but also for art.
The "Zero-Form" objects, the ambition of property and possessions, was a journalist who would bring happiness to people, in which all kinds of interests would disappear.

In this age of suprematism, people would have no chance of struggling in a life struggle, high values, happiness, equality, brotherhood and happiness in peace.

Suprematism would be the age of creativity. but "Nothingness" was not to be destroyed, but to be freed from the yoke of objects, freedom to open to the world and universal formation.

* Suprematism : An abstract art movement initiated by Malevich in Russia in 1913.
The world of "Supreme" is a rectangular world on a pure plane. The picture is free from foreign elements.